Heller Stern 2016

Beton, Stahl, Schrott 

170x70x70 cm 


Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum. 

Friedensgemeinde Erlauf/Österreich 

Shahida "Witness" 2015

Concret, Iron, Glas 

30x60x180 cm 

Battlefield 2013 

Concret, Iron.

In the work Battlefield, i tried to pose an uncommitted view on the war in my homeland Syria. The war in Syria reached a very complicated dimension. The best way to show this dimension fore me was in frome of a destroyed Chess. Chess was in History a game of the Kings it looks very harmless like every othere board game. But tactically if you think longer about it you well see and feel how complicated it is. Chess is a other way to play War. Battlefield shows you a Destroyed Landscape with hiding trenches and wals the Feeld looks like a destroyed city. The left ruins of a civilization with a sinless war that nobody have won.

Window 2013

Concret, Iron, Wood.

Just a Window.