In the series “FRAGMENTS” I question the topic of values.

In 2018, during an art residency, I received an old box with pieces of an old window in a church.
When I saw the shards, I had to think about one slogan from the far right PEGIDA movement

"For the Christian values of Europe"
My first thought was: “that is left of your values.”
I put the pieces back together to create a monumental sculpture that reflects the brutality of our modern world.

The delicate, colorful glass and the brutality of the reinforced concrete.
A work that reflects the dystopia of our time.

Fragments Nr. 6 2020

200x100x70 cm 

  Fragements Nr. 7    2020


Fragments Nr. 8  2020

200x100x80 cm

Fragments Nr. 10  2020

Beton, Stahl, Glas 

120x40 cm


Fragments Nr. 5 2019

50x40 cm 

FRAGMENTS Nr. 9       2020.


Photo@ Michael Haydn

Fragments Nr.4  2018

Beton, Stahl, Glas 

120x40 cm 

Sold: Private collection